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Nokia has expanded its relationship with Europe’s largest distributed Internet Exchange provider (IXP), NL-ix. This will see the rollout of 7750 Service Routers (SR), with speeds of up to 800GE from the Netherlands, to the more than 100 datacenters NL-ix operates across Europe.

As a result, NL-ix is now able to offer dedicated enterprise business Internet Exchange services by providing five 9’s network uptime, any port at any speed up to 800GE, while consuming less energy and real estate.

NL-ix had previously deployed the Nokia 800GE systems in its Amsterdam datacenters, where daily average traffic regularly peaked above 8Tb/s in 2023. To accommodate traffic peaks across the entire network, NL-ix will deploy a range of Nokia’s SR family of IP routers, including large-scale FP5-based multi-slot systems for core routing, to smaller IP routers built for edge and satellite-based applications.

Mark Vanderhaegen, Director of Webscale Business at Nokia, said: “We are delighted to work with such an innovative leader as NL-ix, as they deploy Nokia’s FP5-powered IP routing technology across Europe. With 800GE routing, NL-ix has a platform for unrelenting internet traffic growth and sustainable business connectivity that sets new benchmarks for reliability, performance, and scale.”

The deployment of Nokia’s 800GE systems throughout Europe will transform NL-ix’s network, taking it from a localized Internet Exchange into a European business connectivity platform. This will give it the capability to provide carrier-grade resiliency that supports five 9’s availability to its network services. The move also positions NL-ix to attract new customers in sectors such as banking, insurance, and healthcare, who have traditionally relied on exclusive private networks to achieve these same levels of security, reliability, and deterministic service for much of their business transactions.

NL-ix CEO, Jan Hoogenboom, said: “Over the next four years, in an intensive partnership with Nokia, NL-ix will be investing heavily in reinforcing its strategic position as the leading pan-European Enterprise Internet and Cloud Exchange. As a robust foundation under its single-coherent and carrier grade network fabric, NL-ix will deploy Nokia’s FP5 silicon and 800 Gbit/s technology, building upon Nokia’s 7750 SR, with far more speed and sustainable performance, deeply embedded in our fine grained, 100+ local datacenter footprint throughout Europe. This technology investment will boost our business transformation, allowing us to provide European enterprises mission critical services with the insight and control of our unique Elastic Internet technology from the very capillaries of the European Internet.”