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Orange Group has launched a security portal which aims to identify potential phishing attempts targeted towards individuals and businesses; a solution they believe is essential as cyberattacks grow more advanced.

The company announced that the platform, named Orange Cybersecure, allows individuals, regardless of their service provider, to verify suspicious links found in text messages, emails, and website URLs.

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Orange stated that users will receive an "instantaneous response" if the link is already known. For unknown links, Orange's defense specialists will promptly assess their reliability and add the results to their database to continuously enhance it.

The company uses a learning algorithm to identify phishing attempts and aims to "create the best database to fight collectively against everyday cyberattacks."

Orange highlighted that two out of three French citizens receive suspicious messages weekly, as well as phone calls or emails whereby their safety or legitimacy cannot be confirmed. According to government data, there were 280,000 requests for assistance from French individuals regarding digital fraud in 2023, 38% of which involved phishing.

Orange anticipates that the system, available from June 6, will "offer unprecedented protection against internet and telephone fraud."

The company explained its decision to extend the service to all citizens (not just Orange customers) by stating that "cybersecurity is everyone’s business," and it is their responsibility to "offer a simple and effective solution for everyone."

For a more comprehensive solution, Orange will provide its customers with a non-contract monthly subscription. This bundle allows users to secure up to 10 devices and receive assistance from Orange cyber specialists.

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