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Guru Gowrappan, the president of satellite leader, Viasat, emphasized the distinctive potential provided by space-based connectivity as the company formally unveiled its new headquarters in the United Kingdom, following its USD 7 billion purchase of Inmarsat.

In a recent statement, Viasat highlighted that the new location will bolster its efforts to elevate services for both its mobility and government clientele. This move comes after the company's acquisition of UK rival, Inmarsat, in May of the preceding year.

Speaking at an event to commemorate the opening of the new HQ, Gowrappan praised the space segment as a whole, claiming it had an unrivaled ecosystem of partners that was changing the way the world connects, “opening up exciting commercial opportunities and a prosperous future for innovation."

Sectoral Expansion

Following Viasat's substantial multibillion-dollar partnership with Inmarsat, a cadre of executives shed light on the array of commercial prospects the company is actively pursuing. These ventures encompass a spectrum of innovations, notably including direct-to-device technologies, space-to-space orbit communications, and tailored support services aimed at clientele within the maritime, aviation, and government sectors. This strategic expansion underscores Viasat's commitment to diversifying its offerings and solidifying its presence across key industries.

The new UK facility, located in central London, now houses Viasat's network operations center and satellite control center, which provides satellite, network, and cybersecurity capabilities across the company's global footprint.

Moreover, the utilization of this new site will extend beyond internal operations, serving as a collaborative hub for partnering with industry stakeholders. Viasat aims to leverage this platform to expedite the integration and uptake of cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, fostering a more interconnected world. Additionally, the company intends to catalyze advancements in direct-to-device services through collaborative efforts, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in communication technologies. By fostering partnerships and driving innovation in these realms, Viasat seeks to not only strengthen its market position but also contribute to the broader advancement of technology and connectivity on a global scale.

Gowrappan explained that it chose the UK as its headquarters because it believed the country would play an important role in its growth trajectory, helping to unlock opportunities in commercial mobility and government communications in a market valued at "USD 108 billion globally."

He also stated that the company was actively involved in “shaping policies for a sustainable orbit environment and ensuring equitable access to space’s precious resources.”