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Meta Platforms has announced that it is developing AI technology tailored for the European market, taking into account the region's diverse languages and geographies to keep Europe at the cusp of AI advancements.

Meta Platforms' announcement of developing AI technology specifically tailored for Europe is a strategic move that aligns with the significant growth projected in the global AI market. With the European market size expected to reach USD 46.67 billion in 2024—with a robust CAGR of 28.44%, leading to a market volume of USD 209.50 billion by 2030—Meta's focus on Europe positions it to capitalize on a substantial and growing segment.

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This initiative highlights Meta's commitment to compliance and innovation, which is essential in a region with stringent regulatory environments like the GDPR. While the United States is projected to hold the largest market size in 2024 (USD 50.16 billion in 2024), Europe offers lucrative opportunities, particularly as industries such as healthcare, automotive, and finance invest heavily in AI.

Stefano Fratta, the company's Global Engagement Director, stated that Meta is following the lead of other organizations like Google and OpenAI by using data generated specifically by Europeans to train its AI models.

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He mentioned that the data is sourced from individuals in the European Union (EU) who have chosen to share content on Instagram and Facebook, including public posts, comments, photos, and captions.

Private messages are not used for training the models, nor is there a database of personal information retained, as the model is not intended to identify any individual. “Rather, these models are built by looking at people’s information to identify patterns, like understanding colloquial phrases or local references,” Fratta said.

Last month, the company started informing users in the EU and the US about its plans to use publicly shared information on Instagram and Facebook to develop and enhance its AI technology.

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Fratta elaborated on the initiative by highlighting Europe's status as one of the most influential regions globally, with the potential to be a competitive leader in AI innovation, although, there are still uncertainties regarding the continent's role in this field. “We’re living in one of the most exciting

technological moments in a generation, where breakthroughs are happening in front of our eyes and the possibilities are endless. And at Meta, we want Europeans to be part of it,” he concluded.

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