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Polish IT firm, Comarch, and Dutch telecom operator, KPN, are prolonging their collaboration through a five-year deal, concentrating on Software as a Service (SaaS) deliverables and fostering innovation.

This extended partnership will enable Comarch to aid KPN in enhancing both internal and external data accuracy while also optimizing revenue processes. Comarch's solutions will assist KPN in minimizing customer complaints, accelerating invoice payments, and mitigating the risk of revenue loss due to disputed bills or underbilling.

Comarch and KPN began working together in 2008, when the Polish company was hired to support KPN's subsidiary, Sympac. With the ‘Future Sympac Architecture’ in place, the companies began to collaborate on key strategic projects such as VaMo (Vast Mobiel—fixed mobile) and KPN EEN LCE. In 2019, Comarch was chosen to provide a billing solution for KPN's Business Market. Over the years, Comarch has assisted KPN in significantly lowering operating costs, rationalizing IT infrastructure, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing revenues.

A Symbiotic Partnership

Comarch supplies KPN with Business Support Systems (BSS) products tailored for billing, customer management, and telecom expense management. These solutions streamline billing procedures by consolidating diverse services onto a unified platform, ensuring not only precision and efficiency but also optimization and oversight of expenses through advanced tracking, reporting, and analysis capabilities.

Furthermore, Comarch's solutions foster smoother operations and reduce errors, simplifying the management of corporate accounts and services for end users. This is enabled by a sophisticated backend system, robust data storage, and analysis tools that empowers KPN to make well-informed decisions based on real-time insights.

From the user's standpoint, Comarch and KPN collaborate on developing expense management as an application that grants users complete control over spending and services, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. This has become an integral part of Comarch's offerings for both new and existing clients. The two entities will collaborate on integrating and enhancing communication among various enterprise applications to promote interoperability and operational efficiency.

Strategic Improvement and Innovation

Comarch also provides KPN with a comprehensive suite of maintenance, support, managed services, hosting, assurance, and IT security services to ensure that all products and services are tailored to KPN's specific requirements, helping them achieve their business objectives.

KPN will continue to use Comarch’s software as a service (SaaS) solutions with end-to-end support to ensure the optimal operation and security of IT systems.

Edwin Beverdam, Domain Director Service and Billing a.i. at KPN, said, “Comarch has played a key role in supporting us in achieving our strategic growth goals and reducing operational expenses. Software is a key component of our operations. Their continued commitment to quality, security, and reliability translates into our ability to satisfy our customers. We value our partnership with Comarch and look forward to the next five years of growth, improvement, and innovation.”

Joanna Słowińska, Key Account Director for KPN, and Board Member of Comarch BV in the Netherlands, emphasized that the new agreement signifies a significant advancement in the partnership between Comarch and KPN. She expressed excitement about continuing to support KPN in achieving their strategic objectives.

Wojciech Pawluś, Vice-President, and Member of the Management Board of Comarch SA in Poland, added, “We are thankful to KPN for its trust and 16 years of joint success. It is an honor to have the opportunity to take our cooperation with KPN to the next level. Benelux is one of the most crucial markets for the entire Comarch Group, and with KPN on board, we plan to continue the dynamic growth of our activities in this region.”