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Console Connect, a leading network-as-a-service (NaaS) platform, and Wasabi Technologies, a hot cloud storage company, have agreed to collaborate to help businesses deploy fast and secure cloud migration and multi-cloud provisioning globally.

The collaboration combines the Console Connect platform's improved network security, performance, and scalability with Wasabi's low-cost, fast, and predictable cloud storage on-demand to enable seamless on-premises-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud migration, as well as instant multi-cloud provisioning.

A Private, High-Performance Global Network

AI, machine learning (ML), data lakes, and computer vision generate massive amounts of data, making the networking requirements of cloud migration projects more complex for businesses.

The public internet is no longer a reliable or secure enough to handle the migration of large amounts of sensitive data, and private networking can be rigid and expensive. Wasabi and Console Connect's partnership enables businesses to manage, store, and move cloud data at a low cost via a private, high-performance global network.

The collaboration leverages Console Connect's Layer 3 CloudRouter® multi-cloud on-demand solution, allowing businesses to seamlessly connect Wasabi and other leading cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms. It provides businesses with a complete plug-and-play solution for their storage and cloud-based services, allowing them to seamlessly integrate the offerings of multiple cloud providers with Wasabi's on-demand storage.

The Console Connect network is integrated within three key Wasabi Storage Regions in Europe, Asia, and North America, allowing businesses to access these locations with simple point-and-click networking provisioning. CloudRouter® can be accessed from devices, enterprise locations, and data centers around the world, extending Wasabi's reach to more businesses.

Console Connect operates a flexible pay-as-you-go model that allows businesses to take greater control over their cloud costs by only paying for the connectivity and storage they use. Furthermore, Wasabi's high-performance storage is less expensive than traditional cloud providers and does not charge for egress or API requests.

Revolutionizing High-Performance Cloud Storage

Console Connect and Wasabi storage can be spun up and available in minutes, whereas migrating on-premises storage to the cloud typically takes weeks or even months.

CloudRouter® can be used to create a high-speed temporary link between two cloud providers or provide backup and redundancy connectivity between Wasabi and another cloud provider.

“Network performance and security are paramount to any cloud migration project. The combination of Console Connect and Wasabi empowers businesses with more flexible cloud connectivity and storage, making it easier than ever before to manage the migration of sensitive cloud data, giving peace of mind to businesses throughout their cloud migration projects. Whether it’s from devices, enterprise buildings or data centers, Console Connect is bringing businesses closer to Wasabi cloud while ensuring they bypass the pitfalls of the public Internet,” said Michael Glynn, SVP, Digital Automated Innovation, Console Connect.

“Wasabi values important global partners like Console Connect who bring leading IT solutions to organizations, helping their cloud operations and driving business transformation,” according to Laurie Mitchell, SVP of Global Marketing, Wasabi. “Businesses can now take advantage of Wasabi’s predic tably priced, high-performance cloud storage easier than ever with Console Connect’s fully automated switching and routing. Console Connect users taking advantage of Wasabi cloud storage benefit from no fees for egress or API requests.”