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Tele2 is introducing a fresh, comprehensive, communication package tailored for the public sector, known as Tele2 Collaborate. This service integrates chat features, video conferencing, whiteboard tools, and document sharing into a single platform. Notably, it stands out as the initial solution of its kind, facilitating collaboration securely within Sweden without worrying about sensitive data leaving the country.

Tele2 Collaborate is intended to replace existing collaboration tools for organizations that process personal data and other sensitive information. The service is based on the Digital Collaboration Platforms (dSam) project, which was completed collaboratively by the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, and several other organizations.

Ensuring Data Sovereignty

One of the most significant benefits of the Tele2 Collaborate cloud service is that all data management and storage is handled in Sweden by a Swedish supplier, ensuring data sovereignty, long-term information assurance, and the ability to meet legal, financial, and other regulatory requirements. The service can also be provided as a complete solution for installation in an organization's own IT environment, with Tele2 personnel taking responsibility for the service's functionality, dependability, and development.

‘The Future of Secure Communication,’ a global Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Element, emphasizes the demand for sovereign, secure communications. It demonstrates that technology leaders prefer a communications platform that includes end-to-end encryption (78%), digital sovereignty (71%), and federation with other organizations (69%).

The study also found that countries with a strong work-from-home culture, such as Sweden, struggle with shadow IT. Globally, 74% of leaders report having difficulty securing internal communications as a result of the rise of hybrid work.

"We are monitoring developments closely and adapting our offering to what each segment of the market demands. The Digital Collaboration Platforms project clearly showed that in the public sector there is a need for secure collaboration solutions that handle even the most sensitive of data. Tele2 Collaboration complements our existing products and services to manage secure messaging and collaborations, and to combat shadow IT issues with consumer messaging apps," according to Stefan Trampus, Executive Vice President B2B at Tele2.

Enhancing Collaboration

Tele2 will offer the service through Element Server Suite (ESS), an advanced open platform based on the Matrix protocol that includes a number of enterprise-grade features for large-scale deployment.

"We are pleased to be able to work with Tele2 to provide organizations with this opportunity for digitally sovereign and secure collaboration. Through Tele2 Collaborate, Element will be available both on-premises and through a managed hosting service,” stated Amandine Le Pape, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Element.

Moreover, Tele2 Video hosts digital meetings for the service. This allows users to participate in Tele2 Collaboration Meetings using a computer, standards-based conferencing systems, phone, or even Skype clients. Tele2 Video also provides complete room system solutions as a service, secure identification of external guests through Bank-ID and recording and streaming solutions.

Tele2 Collaborate also seamlessly integrates a NUITEQ digital whiteboard, which promotes interactivity and engagement in modern meetings.

"We, at NUITEQ, are very pleased to be part of the Tele2 Collaborate solution, which is a very important milestone for us. NUITEQ focuses on creating secure digital tools for creative modern meetings where the whiteboard is at the center, while having a strong focus on digital sovereignty," said Harry van der Veen, CEO and founder of NUITEQ.