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TIM will reportedly incorporate Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) into its managed cloud services to address the growing need for cloud solutions among both public and private sector entities in Italy.

The inclusion of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure within TIM's Enterprise division signifies that the Italian telecommunications giant will serve as the primary host for Oracle's forthcoming cloud region in Italy.

Modernizing Applications

This region, set to be situated within TIM's data center in Turin, aligns with Oracle's distributed cloud approach. It will offer both public and private sector entities the opportunity to transition their workloads from their existing data centers to OCI, enabling them to modernize their applications and explore innovations in data, analytics, and AI.

Under the agreement, TIM Enterprise will extend Oracle’s cloud infrastructure services to its clientele in both the public and private sectors within the region. Additionally, TIM itself will leverage OCI to migrate a selection of its internal applications to the cloud.

Oracle has asserted itself as the sole hyperscaler capable of delivering AI and a comprehensive suite of over 100 cloud services across dedicated public and hybrid cloud environments, globally. Its product portfolio encompasses the Oracle Autonomous Database, the MySQL HeatWave Database Service, the Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and the OCI Generative AI Service and AI Infrastructure.

In addition to the existing Oracle Cloud Milan Region, Oracle’s cloud infrastructure is poised to assist organizations in meeting their digital sovereignty and compliance needs by ensuring that replicated data stays within Italy.

Exploring Innovation

“Our collaboration with Oracle is an important milestone for TIM Enterprise and reinforces our commitment to providing innovative, sustainable and secure cloud solutions to public and private sector organizations in Italy,” said Elio Schiavo, Chief Enterprise and Innovative Solutions Officer, TIM. “Our cloud proposition is enriched by the major global players in the industry and is a strong foundation for our future growth in a highly strategic sector for the country. Oracle’s selection of our data center network to support its new cloud region is testament to the absolute excellence of our infrastructure, which is unique in the Italian market in terms of its reach and performance.”

Richard Smith, Executive Vice President and General Manager, EMEA Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle added, “We are pleased to be working with Italy’s leading telecommunications provider to bring OCI to public and private sector organizations and support their migration to the cloud. By adding OCI to its robust cloud service offerings, TIM Enterprise will be able to provide a cloud platform used by customers all over the world to run their most mission-critical workloads in the cloud. In addition, with the upcoming second cloud region in Italy, we are reaffirming our commitment to helping Italian organizations of all sizes and industries accelerate the adoption of AI and other innovative technologies.”